A Little girl, 3 yrs. old picked up by a man driving a gray car, license plate: Quebec 72B 381. Canada. Reblog this. It could save her. The Kidnapping is recent so do it, 3 seconds will not kill you. If it were your child .


Please, please, please, everyone reblog this. Please. I’m begging you.

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Excellent article.

"Except this: The difference between the movie theater jackass and the murderer is a difference of degree. Oh, there are also discrepancies in circumstances and specifics—including, quite likely, psychological profile. But both incidents crawled from the same stinking pit: a man’s instinct to unleash fury on a woman who doesn’t give him what he wants. And when we excuse or condone or even applaud the everyday offgassings of that gaping hole in our cultural decency, it’s no surprise that it sometimes erupts."

^^^^^^ If you take nothing else away, that ought to be it.

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come lay down next to me and i’ll tell you about all the dogs i saw today 

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if magic isn’t real then how do you explain


It hardens because the chocolate cools on the cold ice cream. Put a bottle in the fridge and wait. It’ll be a hunk of chocolate

no i’m pretty sure it’s magic it even says “magic” on the bottle and it’s got a snazzy turtle in a hat a magician would wear with a magic wand

My grandmother invented this.

Is your grandmother a witch

She worked as a scientist at a chocolate factory, she also designed a shark repellent for the war.

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